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Locus 1.0.6 Full Installation
14-Jan-2014  (with updated camera database from 18-Jan-2014)

Welcome to the Locus download page! This is the place to download both the fully-working version of Locus and the "demo" version. They are the same program! The difference between the two is whether or not you have purchased a license and have received a registration code. To start the download and install the program, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the installer by clicking on the "DOWNLOAD" link at the top right column above. Important: Do not run the installer over the internet. It should be run from your computer. This means that you must "Save" it to your computer first.
  2. After the installer file has been saved to your computer, "Run" it to launch the installer. If you don't want to run it right away, you can double-click on the file later.
  3. Follow the instructions of the installer.

For detailed step-by-step instructions, please see our support topics titled "Locus Detailed Installation & First Launch Procedure for Windows XP" or "Locus Detailed Installation & First Launch Procedure for Windows 7 and Vista".

Evaluation Period
Locus has a built-in "Evaluation Period" that enables it to serve as its own "demo". When you install Locus, you are installing the full version of the program. But when you run Locus it checks to see if you have registered it. If it has not been registered, it goes into its evaluation mode. The Evaluation Period begins the first time you launch Locus. It does not begin when the program is first installed—it waits until you run the Locus program for the first time. The Evaluation Period gives you 30 days to launch the program up to 12 times. Each time you launch the program, whether you use it or not, is counted as one of the 12. The Evaluation Period expires after the 12th launch or after 30 days, whichever occurs first. Its purpose is to enable you to determine if Locus is compatible with your computer and satisfies your needs.

As soon as you have determined that Locus works with your computer and serves your needs, we kindly ask that you purchase a license and register your copy of the program. You don't need to wait until the Evaluation Period expires. You will receive a registration code from us via email after you purchase a license. To register the program, launch it and enter the code into the Locus Registration dialog.

Locus is not freeware
Locus is a copyrighted program and we reserve all rights to it. You must accept the terms of our End User License Agreement to use the program. This is just as true during the Evaluation Period as it is for fully licensed users. We're in business to sell Locus and we kindly ask that you respect our long hours of hard work and not steal it. It has a modest price of US$ 29.95 because we want it to be a good value to you. In addition, we are giving 10% of all our profits from it to Life Outreach Int'l and we hope to encourage as many of our users to join with us in supporting this important charity.

Important: Please do not use another person's registration code with your copy of Locus. That is stealing. To unlock Locus so you can use it without launch and time limits, you must purchase a new license from us and receive your own registration code from us and no one else.

Is Locus fully functional during the Evaluation Period?
Answer: Yes, every feature of the program works the same as when it is registered with a few minor exceptions explained below:

  • "Evaluation Period" will appear on the title window along with two counters, one each for the number of launches and number of days.
  • "Evaluation Period" will appear in the title bar of the main window along with the launch and day counters.
  • All printouts will be marked with "Evaluation Mode" and the address of this website (www.ht-locus.com).
  • All clipboard output will also be marked with "Evaluation Mode" and our web address.

Frequently asked questions

  • What happens when the Evaluation Period has expired? Answer: The main window will continue to display the last settings that you used before the Evaluation Period expired. In addition, many of the menus and most of the controls will be disabled so you cannot change anything. However, the commands in the Help menu will still be active so you can view the User Manual, read the License Agreement and register Locus.
  • If I uninstall Locus from my computer and reinstall it, will the Evaluation Period start over? Answer: No. Removing and reinstalling Locus will not reset the launch or day counters. If you removed Locus after launching it 5 times and then reinstalled it again, it would resume with the 6th launch. The same is true for the day counter.
  • If I install Locus on a second computer will the Evaluation Period start over on the second computer? Answer: Yes. The Evaluation Period keeps track of each computer separately. That way you can test the software on more than one computer. We allow this because our License Agreement allows you to install the program on up to 3 different computers as long as the program is used on only one of them at a time. Remember, we only offer single-user licenses for Locus. If more than one person needs to use Locus at the same time, each one needs to purchase their own license. We offer discounts for purchases of multiple copies. Please do not abuse our liberal multi-computer allowance by prolonging the Evaluation Period—kindly purchase a license as soon as you determine that Locus serves your needs.
  • Is Microsoft Windows the only operating system supported by Locus? Answer: Yes. We support both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP. No other operating systems are supported.


Click here to begin the download.
file: Locus1.0.6.exe
size: 19.9 (or 20.0) MB

This file will install the latest full version of Locus along with its User Manual and camera database.

Note: Reinstalling Locus after the Evaluation Period has expired will not restart the Evaluation Period. It will still be expired and you will be required to purchase a license to unlock the program for further use.

Important: Please do not use another person's registration code. That will violate the License Agreement.

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